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Need A Tauranga Shuttle? Rotorua Shuttle? Auckland Shuttle? | For Door-to-Door Shuttles Between Tauranga, Rotorua & Auckland (+ Airport Shuttle) Choose Apollo Connect Shuttles, New Zealand
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For Shuttles Between Tauranga, Rotorua, Auckland and Districts, Choose Apollo Connect Shuttles

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Apollo Shuttles is now owned by Aerolink Shuttles.
For further information, price enquiries and bookings please click here to go to the new web site

Apollo Connect Shuttles offers frequent daily door-to-door shuttles and on demand shuttles including transportation/transfers to and from Auckland Airport (you’ll save money on Airport car parking, and keep safe by avoiding driving tired after a long flight with our Auckland Airport shuttle).

Our service is personal, hassle free and cost effective.

  • Daily door-to-door service
  • Competitive shuttle rates
  • Luxurious vehicles
  • Seating for 11 shuttle passengers plus luggage

You can sit back, relax and leave the drive to our friendly, experienced shuttle drivers. We service all hotels, motels, businesses & residences in Tauranga as well as Te Puke and Rotorua on request. We also provide private/ VIP transport and airport meet-and-greet services.

To book a door-to-door shuttle, an airport shuttle or to charter our shuttles, phone our reservation line on (07) 218-0791 or book online. We will respond to your on-line booking as soon as possible.

Hire Apollo Shuttles for the following:

  • Daily Shuttle Service between Auckland, Tauranga and Rotorua
  • Sports Group Travel between Auckland, Tauranga and Rotorua
  • Concerts in Auckland from Tauranga or Rotorua
  • Corporate Travel between Auckland, Tauranga or Rotorua
  • Tours and Sightseeing in the Auckland, Tauranga or Rotorua areas
  • Wedding Guest Transfers anywhere in Auckland, Tauranga or Rotorua
  • VIP Transport Services between Auckland, Tauranga or Rotorua
  • Cruise Ship Transfers to Auckland Terminal from Tauranga
  • Cruise Ship Shore Trips around the Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, and Rotorua areas
  • Meet and Greet Services at Auckland Airport, Tauranga Airport or Rotorua Airport
  • Hospital Transfers between Tauranga, Auckland, or Hamilton
  • Special Occasion Transport between Auckland, Tauranga or Rotorua
  • Language School Students

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Apollo Connect Shuttles Rather Than A Competitor

  1. We offer you Door to Door service as well as Airport transfers
  2. Our drivers are confident in traveling  in Auckland’s heavy traffic. They are competent in navigating through the city. Our vehicles are all equipped with GPS navigators
  3. We value all cultures. We are sensitive to cultural needs and your comfort
  4. The owners/operators of Apollo Connect Shuttle have traveled through 36 different countries around the world which gives them an insight of the needs and requirements of passengers when traveling. They immersed themselves in many different cultures
  5. Our luxurious late model vehicles are very roomy and comfortable, the vehicles include seating for 11 passengers plus plenty of room for luggage
<a href=”/services/cruise-ship-tours-cruise-ship-shore-trips-cruise-ship-excursions/”Cruise Ship Shore Trips</a>

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